last updated: Feb 7, 2023

Each full-time employee will receive $1,000 per year (no rollover) to support continued work from home setups. Focused on expenses (especially office supplies and technology) needed to do your job reliably from home every day. Approved uses:


Each employee is eligible to upgrade your computer every 3 years (from the date of last upgrade). This isn't automatic, but prefer to replace them as needed. Computer repair will be covered or deemed not worth it and upgraded. Other situations will be handled on a case by case basis. Old computers that are still functional will either be reformatted and reused for interns/new employees or sold back. The base model of the 16" Macbook Pro is our current benchmark for allowance. Please check with Finance Captain before purchase to see if there is already a suitable company-owned computer available that fits your needs and to confirm the purchase with them.

Computers will be purchased by a Finance Captain to ensure we're getting the proper corporate discount. Do not use your individual credit card provided by the company.


The company will cover software up to $700 (separate from the $1,000 budget). Please track in the software tracker.


We trust team members to stay within policy and spend on appropriate things (i.e., we will not check your receipts for what you've purchased). Money spent should still be entered into the remote work budget tracker just so we know how much we're spending as a team.

Assuming people stay within policy (and we trust them!), remote work expenses do not need approval under everyone’s individual budget.


It is preferred that team members use their Brex credit cards when possible. If not, reach out to the Finance Captain for the reimbursement process. If a physical card is needed, please request one from the Finance Captain.