AKA Integrative Decision Making (IDM). This can be done IRL or async (over Slack). Please schedule and announce proposal meetings at least a day in advance, or if async, read more below.

Q: When should you propose something?

A: When you want to change the way anyone at the company works in any small or large way.

Start by selecting a facilitator. It should not be the proposal presenter.

1. Present

Proposer shares their documented tension and explains their solution.

2. Clarify

Anyone can ask questions to better understand the proposal. This is not a time to discuss or react. Take notes of questions in proposal document.

3. React

Each person can react to the proposal as they see fit. This is again not a discussion. Take notes of reactions in proposal document.

4. Amend

Proposer can choose to make changes to the proposal based in order to clarify or expand based on the previous questions and reactions.

5. Object

The facilitator asks each person if they think adopting the proposal would cause harm or move us backwards.

6. Integrate

If there was an objection, the proposer can come back to the team with something they think addresses the objection and redo the process. If there are no objections, the proposal is integrated and should be added to the team handbook.

Async IDM Procedure